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    [SOLD] 4ft tank durban

    Is the tank/sump still available? Thanks.
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    Electronic Circuits for DIY people

    Hi Sean for the temp fluctuation all you need is a temp controller (Omron) which has a set point that when it reaches the over temp, this is only a potential free contact which you can put any device on eg alarm,chiller,fans etc i have one. With power trip all you need is a contactor on your...
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    Tunze stuff

    Hi Floh is the calcium reactor still availible and at what price thanks mate.
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    My "White Box" Controller

    Guys if you are looking for cheap very easy to programme PLC have you heard about the Delta they are very well priced.I have the software and cables for anyone that gets the plc.
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    Welcome Hotdog great tank.
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    My "White Box" Controller

    With the analog input card on the Siemens, what i think is with the PH meter the Mv is to small for the PLC to pick it up i am looking into this. My plan is to get a industrial ph meter and send that to a HMI readout.
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    Over flow advice

    Great thanks that will help.
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    My "White Box" Controller

    Hi Guys doing the same set up using same PLC i will control lighting temp and much everything else a powerful PLC.Looking at putting a screen on my system with all the read outs and info from the PLC PH, Temp etc how do you attach the photos
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    Over flow advice

    Hi guys i am in the process of building my tank and need advice on my over flow box to the sump. Where to place it and how to build (some photos please if possible) This would be appreciated thanks
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    Tank Builders

    Good day guys does anyone know of tank builders in Durban.Or would this be a DIY thing how difficult would this be thanks.:)
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi Thalion thanks for the great welcome i had a tank for four years but due to a burst geyser that happened be right above my tank i lost all. I am in the process of starting again, i have done my electrics (putting my whole system on a PLC) i just need to get some info and contacts to help...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone i have just joined. This is an awesome setup chat again soon.