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    [FS] EcoTech, AI, Skimz, Reef Octo

    Interested in hydra pending question pls pm ur number
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    [FS] Fish tank for sale

    Price drop R2500 need space
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    [FS] Fish tank for sale

    900 x 450 x 500 tank, sump, stand, cabinet Quad T5 lights, heater, sand, wavemaker, thermometer. Return pump and plumbing also. Does have some scratches towards base where sand bed is. R3500 NEG. Based in lenasia pls contact me on 0798906244.
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    [SOLD] Softies for sale

    1) pin cushion about 10cm R350 2) double wall torch about tennis ball when open R500 3) pin leather about 8cm R300 4) bubble Coral about tennis ball size R400 Based in lenasia pls contact me on 0798906244 Kabeer. Thanks
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    [SOLD] Coral for sale

    Ok perfect. Booked for you
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    [SOLD] Coral for sale

    Pls contact me on 0798906244 to make arrangements thanks, will send u more pics on torch
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    [SOLD] Coral for sale

    4)bubble Coral about tennis ball size R400 5)Hammer Coral massive sml soccer ball size R800 ON HOLD 7)Lum green devils Hand side plate R750 ON HOLD U can contact me on 0798906244 Kabeer. Based in lenasia
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    [FS] Tank shutdown--corals

    Will take birdsnest
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    [SOLD] Nano cube 28gal

    Cube, stand, zetlight 1201, sand, some rocks,wavemaker, thermometer, heater,glass Cleaner R2500 neg. Based in lenasia. Make a reasonable offer, would prefer someone enjoy it rather then stand empty.
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    [FS] Glass for free

    Where u based, i am interested
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    [FS] Tank shutdown--corals

    2, 11, 16. Pls pm ur number
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    [FS] Various Corals - CPT

    Intetested in hammer, pls pm ur number
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    [FS] Zoas and Blue trumpet coral

    Interested in candy cane, pls pm number, thanks
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    [FS] Coral for sale Durban

    Pm number pls