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  • Hey Submariner... i have a TL550, is it over the top to fit a reef angel with wifi and salinity probe? and can you give me a price on that please?
    Hi Submariner, i would like to get a quote on a Vertex Alpha 200 skimmer from you.
    i'm building a cube 110 by 110 by 80cm. Would the alpha 200 do the job?
    Regards Pierre (PPJ on MASA, but inactive for the last few years. starting up again :)
    Hi Submariner

    Iv recently accuired me a Vertex sr 200 light unit from a gentleman in Kimberly. It has two powersupply's and eight pads. Please can u assist me with the set-up of the unit? And also some pricing on the new XR-E led pads, as well as uv pads for the unit.

    Many thanks and regards,
    Hi Submariner

    I got suggested to you by Ridwaan on this sight

    I'm soon getting a nano tank setup (20g) with dimensions of +- 90cm(l) x 30 x 30, with a tunze comline unit, vortech mp10 pump. I'm maybe planning to get a oddysea 36" light fixture with 4 ATI T5 bulbs.

    Planning to go heavy LPS and a few nano fish. (clown gobies, tank bred ocellaris, yasha goby max).
    I am really wanting to add supplemental LED lighting to add a shimmer effect to the tank. Doesn't even need to be a very drastic one, but something noticable and nice.

    Ridwaan suggested the Vertex product line and I was looking at the VERTEX ILLUMILUX MARINO BIANCO 900. I was just wanting to find out, firstly would this lighting be sufficient by itself for my setup and secondly does the 900 ensure it will fit 90 cm length, cause my setup is currently planning to be 92cm but I read this unit might need 95cm? I will be using the bracket on tank, not hanging.



    Could you please give me a price on the JNS WS-1 skimmer?

    hi there names miguel im interested in getting getting some ecotech radion leds and primo reef rock my tank is 1.8m and wanted to know how many raions do i need and the price? and how much the primo reef rock costs? and fiji live rock per kg thanks u can pm me
    hi my name is Greg Bridger and I live in East London.
    Im looking to purchase a reef angel unit and these are my requirements.
    1 x Plus unit analog
    1 x dimming expansion unit
    1 x dimmable moonlight
    2 x Tunze leads

    If you could work out an invoice for me incl postage and your bank details I will do a transfere
    Do you have zeo amino acid concentrate?
    Do you have a skimmer for a boyu Tl 550 that will fit in the compartment?
    Hi Guys! May I have your contact details please? Do you have a website perhaps? I'm interested in having a cube tank built, rimless with Starphire, black silicone, about 240L - 250L. I already have a stand (Granite top) which I will use, just looking for a tank! Thanx a mil!
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