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    [wtd] Wanted: Dual 39W or 24W T5 fixture

    Hallo all. I am looking for a dual 39w or 24w T5 fixture that I want to use on a 90cm QT tank Odyssee or equivalent. If available, please PM. Thanks all.
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    My Juwel Rio240

    Some Updates... My Zetlight Lancia ZP4000 got some salt creep onto the pc board and died... I removed the LED chips and built my own custom light using Bridgelux 10000k, Royal Blue 450-460nm and Violet full spectrum 400-800nm with 90º Lenses compatible with i200 controller. Coral seem to love...
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    Hi Ryan, hope all is well. Keen on the yellow mushrooms, do you perhaps have a pic and some...

    Hi Ryan, hope all is well. Keen on the yellow mushrooms, do you perhaps have a pic and some pricing. I am from Potchefstroom and plan to come thru to JHB this weekend, maybe we can meet if possible.
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    Sea Cucumber

    Most of them are best suited for reef aquarium. Sea cucumber Holothuria sp - the black ones that look like a turd :) should be best, also the spiny sea cucumber are although these are much harder to keep alive, they filter feed and poison your tank when stressed or dies.
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    Sea Cucumber

    Generally cucumber need some open space and thick sand bed to scour through the sand eating detritus, sunken food etc... Drip acclimate as these guys are very sensitive to rapid changes in water chemistry and some of them has the potential to poison your tank. As far as I know they are omnivores...
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    Zetlight Lancia ZP4000 1047

    Hi all... I am looking for a faulty ZP4000 1047 Lancia, basically need the heatsink, powersupply and fittings. If you have one lying around pm me please.. Thanx
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    My Juwel Rio240

    Thank you Dieter OD!!
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    My Juwel Rio240

    Some Updates... Lighting Zetlight Lancia Combo. No Sump Fluval 306 Canister Resun CL-280 Chiller @ 25ºC. Standard Juwel seaskim skimmer. Added some Coral. Different types of Mushrooms, I love shrooms. I have green, striped, brown/green hairy, brown/blue tip hairy, some blue and some brown...
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    [SOLD] Media Reactor - George (GRJ)

    Dibs if still available
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    My Juwel Rio240

    Thanks, they do sometimes redecorate, specially if you have frags.
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    My Juwel Rio240

    Hi, I run the standard Juwel Seaskim skimmer, bought it when I bought the tank... Difficult to find these days.
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    Calibating PH Probe?

    Some general pH considerations if you're interested.... If you guys need buffer solutions, check out Futurama shop in Someset wes, Cape town, they have a website. These guys sell the Hanna Groline range of pH buffer, about R320/bottle. You can buy from Hanna Instruments as well. Remember...
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    [SOLD] Zetlight Lancia ZP4000 LED/Benoni

    Will you sell the controller separately?
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    [SOLD] Zetlight Lancia ZP4000 LED/Benoni

    Good day Ebi Omer, does that controller work on the Lancia? I am only asking cause it looks like the controller on a Zetlight 1201L I have
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