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  • Hi pls tell me if u can get a chiller for me pref a quarter horse power,let
    Me know abt price and make thnx
    Hi - Are you guys expecting any sea-horses soon. I am hoping to get approx 4 but same species please and prefer if they are not h.kuda - could you let me know please
    hi billy, my ammonia shows safe on chart and nitrate is 0, is that right? skimmer compartment is 25cm(length), 35(high), 30cm(wide). water level is 20cm high. i hope this is right info this time!
    Hi there

    Chris here.

    I wana enquire about a refractometer.
    The one with automatic temp compensation.
    And if you have stock.

    Then id also wana know about test kits.
    What’s the price on a Nitrate, Nitrite and Ammonia kits.
    Or what do you think is the best kit to buy for a newbee like me?

    Yours truly,

    I want to know V5-T120 and V5-150's price and description, please email me please?

    Thank you

    Hi Shawn,
    I appologise for contacting you for this reason, i made a mistake with the items you purchased,
    On 24 November 2010 you bought 4 items, only 2 items were charged the amount came to R326.
    The two items that did not charge were:
    Gro Tech NutriVital Plus Total R200 and
    Brightwell Aquatics ANGELIXIR Total R246
    making it a Total of R446 due.
    I sincerly appologise for the inconveneince,
    When you are able to can you please come to the shop and pay the balance or leave your contact number or send a pm
    Angelique (cashier)
    contact the shop on: 021 554 0340
    OceanSon Aquarium.

    Send me your bank details by pm and ill transfer the balance
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