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  • Hey dude,
    Was thinking of getting a Pico tank as a quarantine/backup. What are your thoughts on this?
    Hope everyone at home is doing well :) You must send us more pics of the kids, the last lot is nearly a year old :p
    Thanks man :)
    I joined Dorrypets, going to need to do some serious research on the DSR, live sand and water quality. I'm sure there will be someone around that will assist with the LR and such. Enjoy the games, say hi to everyone at home for us :)
    Hey dude, was reading the beginner threads and doing some work (I'm getting used to this multitasking thing :p )
    How's the console going? Have you tried Dead Space yet?
    funguy? never heard of them, you must post updated pics of your tank bud :) seeing another dudes awesome sps nano has made me want a nano like yours :p would be an awesome little exercise:) no studying now, on a weeks break as of today :)
    AWWWW dont be like that ...never forgot my masa mates....ucant imagine what its like knowing theres a meeting goin on with beer and good convo and u changing a nappy and makin sure u help the wife with the other one.....actually gotsome 3g airtime and deceided i needed to get back into surfing masa in the evenings ....glad u well man
    Doing good man, real good. And you? Just come on for the sales hey? Dont wanna call us anymore these days? too busy for masa mates :p
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