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  • Hi Seabass,
    Yip, it's all about water quality. I am dosing with Seachem's phosphate remover and can already see a difference.
    Hi, I gave it an iodine dip, which I repeated after about a month. Subsequently discovered elevated phosphate levels. After a thorough clean-up of the substrate, I have increased water changes to 10% once a week and have also put in a phosphate remover. Probably all too late.
    What really baffles me is that my other corals are doing well.
    hi i would love to buy some frags from u wanting some zoas and polyps , leathers anything that will work oin a tl 550 would u be able to assist and prizes as well please ,thanx

    Let me know when you are in CPT, you welcome toncome and have a look and a glass of wine.
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