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  • Hi are you
    please add me on bbm 21a31b47 or add me on whatsapp 0790984453 and send me a message with your name. If your interested in swopping fish or corals or even to sell them please let me know
    thanks from Sachin
    hi there...the electricity consumption file download doesnt work. the web site just comes back with an error.

    Hey how doing?

    Thanks for your help. Where abouts in Zim are you from? How long have you been into marine tanks? Im itching to get started and am not a very patient person when it comes to getting an idea in my head and gettign going!!! Not a very good trait to have when living in Zim.

    Can i just get strathaven fish shop to make me a tank or does it need to be made in a special way? Would rain water be as good or better than RO? Is live sand actually live or just sea sand with bacteria in it ? I know that these must sound like stupid questions but forgive me im a newbee. Well hope im not being too much of a shupa!!!

    Thanks again
    hey buddy..hope u well...bought an FUNGUY coral today realy cool lookin thing ....weird tentacles....rnt u supposed to be studying or somethin
    hey scuba ...was perusing the for sales and saw u were online how u doin buddy???
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