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    [wtd] Ocellaris Clownfish in Pretoria/Joburg

    Does anyone have Black Ocellaris Clownfish for sale or any Ocellaries morphs preferably in the Pretoria or Johburg area?
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    [wtd] Bio balls

    I have a plastic bag with quite of few them that I am not using, I am based in Centurion.
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    Non-return Valve

    I think I may have found that tread now, but the holes drilled in the piping does seem to work quite well after I tested it yesterday so I think I might just stick with them and leave the non-return valve out.
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    Non-return Valve

    That's an excellent idea, thank you so much
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    Non-return Valve

    Hi all, I would just like some advice on a non-return valve. I would like to put a non-return valve on my return pumps line to prevent the sump from flooding in the event of a power/pump failure. I have watched quite a number of videos of guys in the USA using clear non-return valves (they...
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    [wtd] Dry Live Rock

    Hi all, I am looking for some dry live rock, preferably in the Centurion or supporting areas If anyone has some extra dry rock they are willing to sell please pm me
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    Jeabo DCS-2000 Pump

    Awesome, thank you hotdog
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    Jeabo DCS-2000 Pump

    Hi guys, I saw this morning that Takealot has the Jebao DCS-2000 Nano DC Pump on sale for R815.00 I am not too experienced with return pumps and was hoping someone could advise me if this is a quality pump or not. The general rule, as far as I know, is that the return should be turning over...
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    [FS] 240L tank, sump, cabinet

    Hi Debz, Is this still available? If so please could you provide me with the dimensions of the tank and stand.
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    Sump design for 130L tank

    I am planning on building a sump for my 130L tank. I have designed a sump using some images online as inspiration and would like any comments or suggestions that may help improve my design. I am looking to have a refugium and skimmer section in my sump as my cabinet is only 53cm wide by 44cm...
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    Where to buy Snail Clean up Crew in Pretoria/Joburg

    I'm looking to get a new clean up crew for my tank as my last snail has unfortunately died. I am just looking for a few Trochus or Turbo snails and a Nassarius snail. Thank you in advance
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    Red Sea Max 130d Lighting and Filtration

    @BigMoe you can find them from inTank. You can get them off wantitall in SA They are pretty expensive...
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    Red Sea Max 130d Lighting and Filtration

    So I have an update on my tank after a few modifications and some stocking. I have upgraded the after market circulation pump that I was using to a 600L/H pump and this seems to be working really well. My skimmer has been working perfectly but I do have to make sure that the water level is high...
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    [SOLD] Zetlights

    How old are the UFO's and do you have a mounting arm?
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    Red Sea Max 130d Lighting and Filtration

    Thank you so much! That is a great idea to use the front cover, your tank really looks great! If I may ask what lights are you using currently?
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