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    1. kabeer
      howset how are you ,what is a tsr tank ,you mentioned
    2. SApicoreef
      okay thanks...where are they situated
    3. brentch
      Hey, I see you are looking for a copperband. Eurospirit has for R280. Think they have about 4 or 5 left as of yesterday...
    4. Indrin
      Hi could u tell were did u buy your vortec mp10 from caus I'm hunting for one set
      0 8 4 8 9 4 1 8 8 2 endrin
    5. viper357
      Hi, Leave it, no need for a waterchange, you need to let the bacteria colonies establish themselves within the substrate and rock.
    6. SApicoreef
      thanks for the help!! i have an auto top up systemic place and keeps the salinity stable at around 1.024(according to my refractometer)so i got that down, i have the exact same amount of live rock in my system, also about 0,5 kg in the back and 1,5 in the front, also running filter floss, bio balls and some thicker foam but I'm going to remove the bio balls and the thicker floss and putting in some purigen,phosgaurd and some GAC to keep everything in order. you can help me though with the filter floss as i go to boarding school and cant come home every weekend to change and monitor everything and change the filter floss etc. but is it really necessary to change tat every 3 days?

    7. awsum46
      hey, ive also started a 15l pico up, and generaly you need to check the water level and salinity everyday and adjust it to your goal marks, i run it with purigen 100ml, and rowa phos, it keeps the water crystal clear, i also run about 0,5kg liverock ruble in my back compartment, and 1.5 kg in my main display, i run filter floss to pic up all the gunk that that needs to get thrown away, i change this every 3 days or so. 1 small hermit and a small snail and a small shrimp should do well in your tank, little pom pom crabs have a great personality, mine chases the other guys around with her pom poms :P. pm me if you need help, ill try help you the best i can. cheers
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