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    Upgrade 2.0

    it is going to be stunning and well worth it.
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    [wtd] Chaeto

    i am in edenvale and harvesting this weekend, if you still need
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    Phone pics

    i can vouch for this but i think it is more an operator error than a phone error
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    [wtd] Macroalgae

    i am in edenvale and can help you out with cheato on the weekend
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    looking for some decently priced frags . all softies .

    Please whatsapp me on 0823986652.i got lots of different colours.
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    looking for some decently priced frags . all softies .

    i got lots of zoas frags and some candy canes and can also do some lumo cabbage frags. i am in edenvale
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    [wtd] Calcium chloride

    if you bring free frags you are always welcome
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    [wtd] Euphyllia

    i am going to be doing some frog spawn frags and hammer frags this week. pm me
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    [wtd] Sps

    i got stunning metallic green birds nest frags and red monti frags. pm if interested, forest fire digi frags
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    [wtd] Calcium chloride

    now you us all frags oneday
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    [wtd] Calcium chloride

    sorry @Dexter i cannot collect but maybe just maybe @Damvis is could drop it at my work in apex industrial site. other wise courier is an option. but i agree you wont survive this far east
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    The Orphek LED light Clan

    Hey Guys I recently bought 2 or3 120 sky blues and I am, super impressed. Ordering the lights could not have been any easier, the build quality is great. The colour that I am getting on my frag tank is amazing. Only issues I have is taking pics of the corals but that is my problem not related...
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    [FS] Looking for Chaetomorpha Algae

    i have but in edenvale/
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