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    [FS] 7 channel TEC doser CT

    I will offer you R1800 and I arrange courier.
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    SA's first pygmy seahorse species found on KwaZulu-Natal north coast

    Hi All, Thought this is something interesting along our coastline:
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    [SOLD] Huawei Band 3 Pro GPS - Black - JHB - R950

    PM me your details please
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    [wtd] OTP 2000 Pump

    Sorry guys. Sold off forum.
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    [wtd] OTP 2000 Pump

    I am just waiting to hear if sold off forum, will advise ASAP.
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    [SOLD] Huawei Band 3 Pro GPS - Black - JHB - R950

    Dibs if R950 and if will work on Samsung S8 plus.
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    Urgent help needed Skimmer pump smelling burnt now not switching on

    I have a second hand Reef Octpus OTP 2000 for sale if interested
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    Building up a marine tank 115l - Advice needed!!

    If you want I could draw up a tank according to your dimensions required and send you the drawings, cutting list..... With the filtration on the back length, your overall width would of course increase to accomidate skimmer, media, heater and return pump. Something like the IM120 system.
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    [FS] Red sea cskim external skimmer

    What are the dimensions?
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    Yes, I book online with which is The Courier Guy/Inter Town Transport. I have shipped a few items to and from various places and people.
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    [wtd] Led lights needed

    Will wait you feedback
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    [wtd] Led lights needed

    If @Muzzi not taking, I would be interested?
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    New build, tank number 14

    Okay so neck lekka eina so decided to finish off my Nuvo 10 to marine and get up and running. Cured live rock, cured live sand and cured media in filter compartment. Going to add stability and Special Blend to help cycle. 2 x ZETLIGHT 1201L on I200R as and controlled via A200. Jebao SLW10 wave...
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