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    New LFS in Jhb Midrand

    sorry but i was looking for the shop number (IE C14) not the phone number. when i drove through last night, i did not see it - but it was pouring with rain. thanks
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    New LFS in Jhb Midrand

    What is the number of the shop? the business park is quite a big place.
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    mixing Clowns

    Hi Guys i have two African clowns in my 110l Boyu - its been running for 7 months Can i mix other clowns with them? if so, in pairs? thanks
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    New LFS in Jhb Midrand

    Cool, i drive past there at least twice a day.
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    Feather worm

    have i stumped you guys or is every one on leave? i did try taking a photo but its not clear at all
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    Feather worm

    HI I have had a feather duster worm in my tank since it cycled about 4 months back. i did some rearranging yesterday and see it has created a new tube underground anout 10 cm long, turning uo at the end about a cm high. Is it gouning to form a new head? thanks
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    Allergic Reaction

    no problems with reaction to my tank but my wallet has a huge reaction to my LFS.
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    Touch of colour

    Hi Guys I have stocked my tank to the limit of what a beginner should do for the size and age of tank I have (110L Boyu TL 550) i am just missing 1 thing, a bit of colour. most of the stuff i have shades of brown and pink. I was thinking of some sort of yellow polyps - Any suggestions?
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    dead coral

    Some guys used crushed corral as a substrate too. so cant be bad in that regard.
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    WTF??? does that mean "whats that fish" ;)
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    Free Euphyllia frags - please post requests here for Johannesburg/Gauteng delivery

    How far away should I keep these frags from my mushrooms?
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    Removing lid from my Buyo TL550

    I see there are 4 srews holding the hinges in place but I did not want to force anything. when you say "have it folded up(open)" do you mean tilted up or slid off the back of the tank?
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    Removing lid from my Buyo TL550

    HI guys I have an electrical problem with the lighting in the lid of my Buyo TL550 and need to remove it completely to sort out as I am tired of dropping the screws into the tank. addidtonally i dont want to fry my fish or myself while working on the electricty. So any tips etc on removing...
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    Dudes, try running VM's. i am running server 2003, xp, netware, ubuntu all on VM's all on a vista platform. there no need to dual boot at all. VMware: Virtualization via Hypervisor, Virtual Machine & Server Consolidation - VMware
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    Free Euphyllia frags - please post requests here for Johannesburg/Gauteng delivery

    A big thanks to all involved, regards roy