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  • Hi , are you willing to sell me the packed up Red devil pump as I just need the Volute as my one has cracked on my skimmer. Please let me know on 0832802100 Thanks.
    the cubes can take 14 days or so, but they will remove NO3 as well, and since redfields is at play, PO4 removal is linked to NO3, what is your NO3 level?
    Hey Allan, great stuff, mike is really handing his tank great and it goes to show that lighting is only one aspect of your reef.
    I was thinking ... if you like then we could probably just install the 4 fans all at once instead of just the 2 ... would probably be a better idea that way
    Hi Ross , no , not that i know of ...
    Send a sponsor request and they will ship the item to you if its what you want at the right price.

    Sorry i couldnt help
    Hi Ross , i have one 54 watt Solarmax here in stock , pop in and compair with our Ati we have here...

    Hi Rossreefer, you have two options here :-

    1. Buy 1 x 6095 (wide flow stream) 9500 l/hr flow
    2. Buy 1 x 6105 Stream 13000 l/hr flow

    As far as comparing them to MP 40's, IMO there is no comparison because the MP 40 cannot be moved around to eliminate detritus, the TUNZE pumps can be placed anywhere and pointed in any direction, so that you have maximum flow over all areas in the aquarium.

    If and when you need additional flow, you can buy another pump. Both of these pumps can be controlled by either a 7092 or 7096 Multi -Controller, but they can work just as well without a controller.

    If you need an estimate just email me and I will send
    Cheers Anita
    Hey..I did Pm him my deatails...ill Pm him again 2morrow...if he doesn't pull thru ill let u know...
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