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  • still happy for me to collect some chaeto? u can pm me the address and when it would suit u. anytime is ok for me. thanks again. brendon
    Awesome, thanks! When would suit you for me to collect some. What would be easiest for u?
    hi Rob

    hoping you can help me. looking for some chaeto for my nano. finding it difficult get hold of any in east london. if u can assist in anyway that wud be awesome. thanks
    robinburger769@gmail.com (mine)
    robin.burger@telkomsa.net(this one goes to my dad)

    sold! (well thats what my dad hopefully will say). how much do you think i could sell my TS2 for? its almost a year old and in perfect condition?
    rob i will let it go for R2500 it is a bomb of a skimmer and definatley can handle a large system owing to the contract time provided by the length of the skimmer

    whats your e-mail?
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