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    [FS] Looking for Kenyan Tree in Johannesburg.

    I have some you have aswell.
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    RSM 130D skimmers

    Also gone hoodless.
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    RSM 130D skimmers

    It’s a hang on skimmer. I’ve taken a photo.
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    RSM 130D skimmers

    Hi. I’ve used an external skimmer for many years. Bubble magus qq3. Tried a few internal skimmers but nothing worked well.
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    [FS] Kenya tree’s to swap

    Hi I’ve got a few Kenya trees of different sizes to swap.
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    [FS] Frags (Edenvale)

    Hi. Do you have anything left?
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    After water change

    Thanks a lot. That is a birds nest SPS
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    After water change

    My tank today after a water change.
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    [FS] Zetlight 1201 L

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    [FS] Zetlight 1201 L

    Yes Sure. I'm available on Thursday after 2pm. I'm not available on Friday till Monday.
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    [FS] Zetlight 1201 L

    Bump. Price drop R700
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    [FS] Zetlight 1201 L

    Hi I've got a zetlight 1201L for sale . It's about 1 year old. Works 100%, reason for selling is I've upgraded. R800 not neg based in Boksburg.
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    [FS] Coral frags for sale

    Dibs a birdsnest please.
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    [FS] Frogspawn to swop

    Hi All I have a frogspawn that is getting to big for my tank. There are multiple heads growing at the base aswell. Would like to swop . Based in Boksburg.
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