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    [FS] Frogspawn to swop

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    [FS] Zetlight 1201 L

    Hi I've got a zetlight 1201L for sale . It's about 1 year old. Works 100%, reason for selling is I've upgraded. R800 not neg based in Boksburg.
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    [FS] Coral frags for sale

    Dibs a birdsnest please.
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    [FS] Frogspawn to swop

    Hi All I have a frogspawn that is getting to big for my tank. There are multiple heads growing at the base aswell. Would like to swop . Based in Boksburg.
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    [FS] Brand New Hydra 26HD with arm

    Bud , I can make a plan. Will you accept R5500 ? I'll pay shipping costs aswell.
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    [FS] AI HYDRA 26 HD Brand New

    Still available @crash_override ?
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    Black Friday Deals

    Are any Sponsors having Black Friday deals on equipment?
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    Free 3ft tank

    Sorry. Unfortunately not.
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    Rsm 130d

    If you want good growth go for the zetlight ufo.
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    Rsm 130d

    Thank you very much. Not running any top off doing it manually daily. I'm using the zetlight 1201. I dont think its strong enough but definitely better than the standard lights.
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    Rsm 130d

    Happiness after a water change!!
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    [wtd] White Red sea max reefer 250

    Red sea reefer 250 or 350. Must be white cabinet.
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    [SOLD] Mavic pro 4k camera drone R15k or swap for rsm reefer 250

    Accident free flymore Mavic pro . 3 batteries 3 sets of propellers incl quieter pair Original Battery charger Charger to charge 3 batteries and controller same time. 2 landing pads 2 x back packs 1 x drone carry bag 1x remote carry bag 1 x battery carry bag 2 x lipo battery bags Plenty extras
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    [FS] Innovative Marine SR60

    Looks sexy alright.!!!
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    [FS] Innovative Marine SR60

    Pity the tanks not white:m20:
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