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  • Thanks for the update, do yo know where i can get hold a good wave make for my setup, something like the jebao wp35 at a good price. Happy with a good second hand unit. Thanks G
    Hi Rick

    About to start up my 4foot. I want to do a mixed reef with softies and lps. I have 2 double tube t5 units. 2 white a blue and pink bulb. Do you think this lighting setup will ok?
    Hi Rick
    Yes, I cannot wait to pay you the balance for that light. Then I also need to fetch it from you.
    Hi Rickgoldwing1, I would like to buy +-5kgs of live rock from you. Would it be possible to do so this weekend?
    Thanks Jonathan
    Hi Rickgoldwing1. I believe you are in boksburg. I am out that way in the next two day and wonder if we could meet to have a chat about starting up a marine setup for me. Thanks Garreth
    sorry bud I took it out of a tank then cleaned it maybe put the question on the forum or mybe google it sorry cant help
    No Problem. Rick do you have any idea how to clean the Bubble magnus? It looks to me you need to take the whole unit out the tank every time you want to clean it.
    Hi there Bud

    I will be starting up my new tank soon. Looking for someone to provide me with RO or Salt Water , around 600L, Live Rock and Sand. (Delivery to my place in Fourways). Would you be able to assist me

    They boing well bud but i dont think that the puffer is a mimic. it should have three lines on its back. i am going to take a pic and ask the forum what they think. otherwise they look good in the tank.
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