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    To new beginnings!

    Hello and welcome. I'm not sure what the scene for marine tanks in Moz at all.
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    Reef scene in Mozambique

    A couple of years ago, Dorry Pets was commissioned to set up a tank at some resort or hotel. All equipment had to be moved from Pretoria. Even the silicone they took along.
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    The next step - Upgrading

    On Special, Get two for 100 bucks.
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    Spawn or sponge

    looks like sponge
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    Brent's Cube

    This tank must be the best looking Nano currently featuring on MASA. Bloody impressive.
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    The next step - Upgrading

    I'm Groot. Almost everyone upgrade from TL550 / 450 to bigger. Or they want to. Good luck with the new setup.
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    Newish tank coming along nicely.

    Nice looking tank. Is that skimmer big enough for the tank size?
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    8000 Liter reeftank in the Dominican Republic

    In my opinion, those last picture hides away the real size of this beauty.
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    Algae id needed please

    Are the hard, like fishing line? Or soft?
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    Another case of zoa poisoning

    What I wonder is how long that rock will take before it stops stuffing up the cycle in a freshwater setup.
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    [FS] 2x Zetlight Ze8200 ufo R4000

    Please add pictures of the actual items tonight.
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    EFJ's v3.....

    What is in the tank at the back?
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    Good to be back

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news A TL550 is only 128L :m20:
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    Nudibranch I.D please .

    first picture looks more like a cucumber.
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    40 Year Old Tank

    I think walking up those stairs 3 times, each time carrying 2 times 5 gallon drums (or 20 Liters in rest of the world speak) is far easier than walking up those stairs 3 times each time carrying a 12 gallon drum (or 55 Liters for us). Will also need to go up 3 times. Maybe in my much younger...