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  • Hey Riaan!
    I left Jhb today to pick up something for my brother in Pta. I left my camping chairs behind.
    Let me know if I must organise some in Pta for tomorrow's braai.
    Hi Riaan
    Ive been reading up on which skmimmer would be the btter option, maybe you can advise me on the better option.
    Tank specs is 1.5 x 6 x 6 ,sump 1.2 x4.5 x 4.5
    total is +- 700 liters

    I am looking at to skimmers , the Reeftek Ts3 R2300( 700ltr rating) and the Reef Oct Nw 250 R 3800.00 ( 1400lts)

    Would the Reeftek be sufficent or should i go for the Octupus.. or would that be a overkill.

    My understanding is the one skimmer must work 1.5 to the volume of your water, surely then if the manufacture recons that it suitible for a 700l then it should in theroy work at 1000l

    Your imput will be appreciated

    Kind regards
    Please assist me with my sump setup.
    first chamber is my inlet as well as my skimmer (800 l).middle section i have a couple of live rock and last chamber pump with heater
    everyone talks about the dsb >is my setup wrong
    (Both my tanks is about 350 l in total

    Hi bud. Compliments of the season to you. Just want to know if you are still interested in the pink mushrooms cause have been keeping you some but they are wanted by other guys. Thanks bud. let me know.
    Morning ...need help to create a thread in the Junk Yard section ....any chance you can help ???....keeps saying page done but with errors .....its a blank blue with masa logo on top ??
    Rudeboy1 is running his business thru this website. Please chech private mail sent to me. Its unethical
    Hi Riaan

    I have a quick question . Do / Will hermit crabs eat or attack fan worms ?

    I got one today for my tank and after 20 min there were hermits all over the fan worms tube .

    Hi Riaan
    Ive got a thread for urgent help white white spot.

    All i want to know is to treat the fish in the DT with corals etc as I have a mixed reef and its nearly impossible to catch the fish with the LR. Must I break down the LR structures and then catch them and start over again or what would you do?
    You mods are on such a power trip... Leslie forcing the last word before closing the thread and you commenting on a closed thread so I cannot retort... You took that comment totally out of context (like a certain memeber of our illustrious ANCYL) That the advice was null and void referred to MY TANK... NOT tanks in general... Once again... ADVICE... It is just YOUR precious opinion and might not work for everyone... You guys should really get a life... (And I fully expect you to abuse your power and remove this too)
    Hey riaan.. I need abit of advice man.. As u do know a lot about dsb's.. I've got that tank from nj and the sump space is abit limited.. What's ur thoughts on a rdsb? I've had another idea of rather than putting sand in it can't I fill it up with live rock? Which of the two would work better mate? And another thing.. What's the difference between dry skimming and wet skimming.. Cnt really seem to find guys explaining it only saying that they either do wet skimming or dry skimming.. Thanx man
    Hi Riaan, do u know of anybody in Gauteng that sells Aptasia Zappers, urgently gatvol of aptasia now, thanx
    Nope have not replaced them yet, it is still new though and geissmans are just too expensive to get now. But I still keep on with the LFS to trade in the anemone but he doesnt want to.
    I got the same lights, have to confirm the light sequence I got.

    Had you ever replaced yours? The original tubes is not that good. And for the anemone its better to ensure good quality tubes. And do not go for Reeftek either.
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