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  • Hi riaan. My picture isnt showing on my advert. Should I sent it to u.

    Hello Riaan , hoop dit gaan goed daar , se my asb , hoe laai mens enige fotos by jou profile
    Thanks Riaan. My wifi was occupied and slow this afternoon. I must have skipped by both the tank pics before they downloaded. Thanks a lot!
    No, your tank with the 50mm square tubing and the mesh below the top support and the "dropped suspension" to lower the sump and allow more space. I can't find it in your play station reboot thread. Am I just blind? Pleas help me out.
    Hi Riaan

    Please give me the link or the photo of your tank stand after you galvanized it. I saw it in someone else's thread but cannot find it now. I'm starting my upgrade fantasy and I aim to plagiarise heavily from your patent, if you don't mind of course.
    sorry man thanks havnt been on for a while I managed to get have been busy building my new tank :)
    What u think of the red devil pumps? Reef aquatics - red devil november special !!! - Marine Aquariums South Africa
    Looking at the dc5500?
    Hallo Riaan,

    Gister was daar 'n thread oor FTS wat baie insiggewend was,waar gaan soek ek nou na hom want ek het nog nie al die fotos gesien nie.
    Howzit mate.

    So my tank leaked, all rock was exposed for like a month if not more(outside). so the tank is ready to go now. RO Water is filled. Jus need to get salt b4 I start cycling. I Wana soak Em in acid b4 I add them to the tank. CAN I add the rock to the tank after soaking them in acid and rinsing them out. Or should I keep them submerged in RO water for a day or two b4 I put them in. There nothing in the tank. Jus substrate @ the moment
    Howzit Riaan,

    So seems the cycle is complete. Water clear again. Stoked!!

    But now when i add more live rock will the same thing happen? and also i checked two live critters. A snail and a small orange thing. Looks like a lice type of thing. There also seems to be some moss/algae growing on the live rock. Is this all normal. I would like to add some clowns soon.

    Hi Riaan,
    You seem to be the man with many plans here. Im new to the hobby and seem to have encounted my first problem which i cant find any solution. My tank in one day went from crystal clear to cloudy/murky. Heres the thing, i have no fish, no skimmer yet (comming soon), no corals and only 2kg of live rock. Its completely new. Do you know why this is happening and how do i fix? Ive read that i could be an algae bloom but how can that be as there is no nutrients in the water (or so i think). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Its only be running for just over a week and the live rock was in for 3 days when the problem started. Cheers
    Hi Riaan
    I try to follow most of your post and I would like to ask a question as I am trying to get a cost effective way to keep my fish alive when the power goes out.
    Will it work when I as a solution install air stones under the gravel at the back of the tank and connect these to the emergency power supply with one stream pump?
    So when the power does go out you the under gravel oxygen kicks in with the stream pump and this way you use much less power by only running the small air and flow pump and it will keep the water oxygenated?
    Hello Riaan. Read lots of your posts so I trust ur advice on this. I added 3 yellow tangs last week. All are eating well and swimming nice. Today I found a white looking cyst on the bottom fin of the one tang and he is running against the rocks . The other 2 have started to chase and fight with the infected tang. What can I do to save him? I have too much rockwork so qt is out for me, I am treating with garlic, metronidazole and focus at the moment because of the powder browns whitespot. Should I just continue this? Your help will be much appreciated.
    Morning boss, do u have a no. for Seachem?
    Contemplating tossing my problematic kalkstirrer and calcium reactor n replacing with 'fusion 1 and 2' to be dosed approximately 2ml/6hr...
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