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    Spotbreast Angelfish Pair and other livestock in George

    Nothing of note but we are eagerly waiting on the Australian shipment arriving later the month.
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    Hidden Gem in the Garden Route

    Thank you for everyone that has been visiting the shop from around the country the last week. It has been great to put names to faces. :m01: Here are some of the great livestock we still have available in store. :drool5:
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    Some AMAZING and RARE stock swimming around at MRC (George)

    This is an update to what is currently in store at Marine and Reef Connection in George. Please feel free PM or whatsapp me for fish prices lists.
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    AWESOME Australian shipment!

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    Frikkie's build thread

    Hey Buddy the tank is looking great :m106: Let me know how it comes along with your nitrates. I seem to be having the same problem with my bare bottom. Im thinking of setting the skimmer to a timer to help the softies a bit.
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    Pet Stop SA has Successfully completed their training - Aquaforest

    Nice work guys!! Our training is also quickly coming up, cannot wait!!!