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    To carbon filter, or not ...?

    Do you use carbon filtration - Yes, I do What product and method do you use- I use the Red Sea Reef-Spec Carbon, I run in it just in a mesh bag in the first stage of my overflow just after the filter sock/floss Full time, part-time or just when needed when for example something big dies in the...
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    [wtd] Zoas and Montipora Frags

    Yes please
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    [wtd] Zoas and Montipora Frags

    Awesome. I see you in CPT. Would you be bale to ship?
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    [wtd] Zoas and Montipora Frags

    Great. Thank you. Are you willing to sell any?
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    Comp: FTS (Full Tank Shot) Competition

    who won?
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    [wtd] Zoas and Montipora Frags

    Hi All Looking for some frags of Zoas and Montipora Looking for something different to the normal red or green Montis Thanks
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    [FS] Zoa and paly frags 1

    Interested in 8 and 7 please let me know
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    [FS] Zoa and paly frags 2

    Interested in 11, 12, 14 let me know
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    Reefer 350 Build Blog

    This tank is looking great. Going to be a mature into an incredible setup
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    My new mixed reef

    Tank is looking great. The T5's are really nice
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    The Return!

    Welcome back Old Man Have you put your back out yet doing a water change?
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    So all the thriving fish forums in SA has died in the last 5 years?

    What do you think the reason for this is? I would love to participate in the TOTM, if only I had tank up to that standard :m01:
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    [FS] RedSea RSK300 Protein Skimmer

    Is this still available?
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    [SOLD] Brand New- Red Sea 600 Skimmer (PSK1000) JHB

    Is this still available?
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    [FS] Spotless Fully Stocked Marine Aquarium (400 litres)

    Whats the dimensions of the tank?
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