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    Steel or wood?

    Is there no way of building the metal frame into the inside of the cabinet if you like the current cabinet? Then you will be structurally fine and still have the look you want?
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    [FS] Reefer 750 XXL hardware

    How old is the tank itself?
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    Vleis Box RS170

    Very nice I have a feeling, judging by your pico, that this tank is going to be amazing
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    Tank Builders

    Thanks very much. Do you have any contact details for them?
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    Tank Builders

    The last time I checked they only building massive acrylic tanks
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    Tank Builders

    Hi All Does anybody know of companies still building tanks. Looking to build a office tank and would like something like the quality that Idol Marine used to build. Can you suggest any companies building quality tanks. Thanks
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    [FS] Red Sea Reefer 525XL, Skimmer, Calcium Reactors, MP40s, Frag Tank, Reactors etc

    Is the tanks still available? What condition is it in?
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    Duanes black peninsula

    Awesome looking tank
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    ScubaLover's - 5 Sided 4500L

    Pictures don't do this tank justice. One day when I am big
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    [FS] 2.4 meter tank (New)

    Who is building the tank?
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    Renaldo Reefer 170

    Some amazing Acans Tanks is looking good
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    Brent's Cube

    Tank is looking great Well done
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    Mistake with Dsb?

    Post a pic
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    Looking for a anemone for clowns.

    What clowns do you have?
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    Looking to buy Coral's but can't get to the store we've got you covered

    Am I correct in saying this is a WYSIWYG website? Well for the corals anyway
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