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  • Hallo Hennie, ek sien jy is ook 'n bloemfonteiner. Kan ek jou moontlik iewers ontmoet of kontak rakende meer inligting vir die begin van 'n koraal tenk?
    Hi Hennie

    Andre here from Wavetech, I did not know, you were a reef Maniac. I will give you a call in the next week to chat, we miss you on site the new guy appointed is giving us gray hear. I have two tanks to sell need your inputs.

    Kind regards,


    I have a question about Plenum and the DSB over here Plenum - To Plenum or Not to Plenum (This is the question) - Marine Aquariums South Africa and Nemos Janitor suggested I drop you a note as you have had first hand experience with DSB and could possibly shed some light on the matter for a fellow reefer planning his dream tank.

    Hi Hennie
    Check and join please. Central Reefers Club .
    Let's get something going with the guys
    Hi Reef Maniac the thing is that i do not have the probe to begin with, i need one for my
    fresh water tank and what kine of probe do i need for it, it must have a bnc connecter , it is going to be controlled by an microcontroller....!
    Hey Reef Maniac.

    Viper told me to msg you because i got a pair of Brand new black powder guns forsale.
    Take a look in the junk yard forum if ur interested :)

    Thanks mate
    Hi Edyta,

    I'm sorry, but I do not have enough information to make an educated guess... it could be from bacterial action, or from high levels of organics in the water, or one of a few other reasons. Why don't you post a photo or two of your QT setup, and list exactly what you have in the tank (live stock) as well as equipment and maintenance (I recall that you said that you are doing regular water changes to keep ammonia in check, but please give DETAILS of everything (e.g. do you have any airstones in the tank, or a pump which might cause the bubbles...)

    At this point in time, I would recommend that you run a power head in the tank, placed rather deep in the tank, and aimed towards the water surface. This will break the water's surface tension to some extent, and will help with gas exchange.

    helo do yo know whay do i havefoam like bubbles on top of the water in my qt tank
    i tested the water all seems fine can you please let me know i'am worried
    "My tank is 1.5x800x650(lbh).
    Ek het n Naso elegence in my tank, maar sal graag iets soos n yellow tang en ook n "dory" wil insit."

    Jong, dit is altyd "hit or miss" met tangs. Hulle kan redelik vreedsaam saamleef vir 'n jaar of twee, en sal net eendag begin baklei totdat een dood is... Ek sal dus aanbeveel dat jy net die een tang hou, alhoewel 'n tweede een (bv. 'n geel tang) tog in daardie grootte tenk behoort te werk, as jy gelukkig is... Ek sal beslis nie 'n derde tang in dieselfde tenk aanhou nie. Ek sal ook nie 'n Dory saam met die Naso insit nie.

    More Hennie

    Jong, jy is die Tang police :p so ek gaan jou gou raad vra.
    My tank is 1.5x800x650(lbh).
    Ek het n Naso elegence in my tank, maar sal graag iets soos n yellow tang en ook n "dory" wil insit.
    Wat is jou gevoel hier rondom? Wikus segt dit behoort nie n probleem te wees nie, maar wil maar net seker maak...

    Baie Dankie!
    Hi Amore,

    Met graagte - of beter nog, ek sal my foon nommer vir jou stuur (PM), dan kan jy me sommer bel as jy iets wil check.

    Hallo Hennie,

    Kan ek jou 'n hengse guns vra? Asseblief?

    Ek het gewonder, as jy tyd het, wil jy nie asseblief vir my 'n lysie van toerusting opstel wat ek benodig nie asseblief.
    Na ek alles gelees het weet ek nie of die ou by die petshop nou besig is om my af rip nie, en of hy die regte goed aan my gaan verkoop nie.

    Baie dankie,
    lekker dag
    Hi David,

    The mix sounds about right (I'm not at home, and cannot check my references at the moment...)

    I cannot comment on the amount you should add at any one time, as that would depend on the size of your tank, and of course the level of the magnesium in your tank before addition (and how high you want to raise it).

    Further to the above, I would suggest that you add only half your required magnesium additive, then wait at least 24 hours, test again, and then add the adjusted rest of the additive.

    Hello Hennie

    Just to confirm 180g magnesium chloride and 120g Epson salt is the right mix to raise magnesium. mixed in 1 L RO water add slowly into high circulation area. Also how long must you wait to test to check reading ?
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