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  • Howzit boet..
    Long time no speak..
    Do you still have the LED drivers?
    Hallo Martin, wat is nog beskikbaar by jou? Ek het 'n 2300 x 800 x 800mm tenk wat ek 3 maande gelede opgestart het. Andrew 0824409906
    Hi Martin

    could u give me your address and cell no again, need to pickup the frag packs.


    Hey Bud... Rhyn here.

    I have a shipment coming with Brentv as well. Would you mind if i picked it up from your place as you seem to be the man:yeahdude:.
    Hey :) I just found a shrimp and caught it was wondering if you would be able to ID it for me before it goes back in the tank or if I must sump it. It is a type of snapping shrimp I think
    Hi Martin

    Just wanted to thank you for the advise and d freebees yesterday. In case you are wondering its me Abed, i changed my profile.
    Hey Martin,
    are we still on for the Leather frag to be picked up tomorrow?
    If we are please sms me your adres and time for bro to pick up,he'll give you the cash when he gets there...
    071 885 3785
    Hi, Rakabos

    Do still have the crushed coral available?

    Hi There.

    Do you know of anyone that might be interested in buying a Boyu TL 550 tank from me? It is about 5 months old....

    Hope you can help. I am having a lot of trouble with it and i spent so much money on it i cant go on with it now....

    Thank you

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