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    [FS] Tunze skimmer

    and the osmolator
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    [FS] Rainbow rose bubble tip anemones for sale. R250

    absolutely 100% PM me your bank details please
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    [FS] Rainbow rose bubble tip anemones for sale. R250

    Please book one for me, please PM me you details
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    adding sand to existing aquarium?

    Wash, wash wash and rinse some more, you can add it via a tube,
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    [FS] Never used Reef Angel

    Tested for about 30min, when I purchased this new to test, took it out this weekend all is operational, decided to sell, I actually have no need to use the Reef Angel. Transport for Buyers Expense R2500 First come First Serve
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    [FS] Supersize Tank Shutdown

    How about making another list on what is left over?
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    [SOLD] Green bubble tip anemones

    Dammit! I missed this
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    Test kits preference

    Hanna checker and Elos test kits, they lab grade
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    OTP 2000 replacement pump??

    Which model Pump did you get?
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