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    Darwin x Picasso offspring

    Awesome, you are more than welcome to send me a pm to discuss.
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    Darwin x Picasso offspring

    Indeed i do. Have re homed clowns to various parts of the country.
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    Darwin x Picasso offspring

    I particularly like this guy, similar pattern on both sides:
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    Darwin x Picasso offspring

    Some really interesting morphs:
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    Darwin x Picasso offspring

    Sjoe, cant believe i havent updated this post in over a year. Hands have been full with plenty of babies :m06::m06: Some updated and current pics:
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    [SOLD] Reeftek ts1 skimmer jhb south

    Dibs pending condition and impeller type
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    New Member

    Hello and welcome, great to see another local here!
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    Any experience on the Reef Sun LED Units?

    Reviving an old thread.......anyone here still using one of these light units?
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    Frenatus spawn

    Quick update: moved 50 adults to a 920l system to give them more space. These fishes were in a 250l tank ( harmoniously for tomatoes ) and I felt it time to give them some more room. During the course of the next 2 months I hope to move another 50 to this tank. Incredible to see a large group of...
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    skimmer dilema

    So neither skimmer is pulling anything?
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    skimmer dilema

    His skimmer works in your tank right, have you tried running your skimmer ( or a different skimmer ) in his tank? Sorry if this is a dof question.
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    Heteractis Magnifica Wipe out Fish

    So sorry about your loss :m24:
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    [wtd] Phytoplankton in Durban

    pm me
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