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  • Hey would love to know price on the Red MontiCap frag and the chalice in the first pic as well as the acro frag in the second pic. With shipping ot Durban. Big thanks!
    Good after noon, i bought all my fish from you, but unfortunately i need to close down my tank, would it be possible if i cant sell them to give them to the store?

    Its one common clown, one bristle tooth tang, one blue damsel and one bio colour angel

    Kind regards
    Tyron vaughan
    Hi There
    Do you guys have fresh water tropical fish?
    And accesories?
    I have a Boyu TL550 for fresh water and need some stuff to take away milkyness of water and also need some wood and black stones for bottom... I need a few things and wanted to pop in at 12 today.
    Want to add fish this weekend and will visit you again if you have a variety of fish..
    Thanks Johan
    Hi. Thanks for the quick reply nd for the discount. I am from Durban. Please can you let me know what the total price is for all 8 lights nd shipping. Also how long will it take to get to me nd can you send me your banking details for me to do the deposit.
    Hi. I need to change my tubes on my reef tank. I have 4 blue and 4 white 39 watt tubes at the moment. What do you suggest I put eg. ATI coral pro plus nd how mu?h are they. Would like to buy all 8 tubes at the same time so I can slowly fit them on. Also what is the price of led lights for my tank. It is 1mt long. Regards Etesh

    Gambit ere

    U asked me in the store to send u a reminder regarding the price of the kessel led unit
    Please find out wat the best price is

    im now convinsed kessel is the on;y way to go for me
    mogamtseraajregal put his kessel on my tank today and let me tell u it was a site for sor eyes.

    anyway please let me knw about the kessel
    Hi , its 021 7128283

    But no that special is probebly not going to hapen on coral pro again.

    The suppliers have a recomended retail price of R 795.00
    If we advertise it cheaper - we can get kicked of the select dealer program.

    But pop in and we can speak face to face about a discounted price or recommend a different salt that is not governed by Recommended retail prices and enforced so vigilantly.
    Hi what is perky pets contact you still have that coral pro salt special for R500 for 22kg?
    Greatings infedel hows things in ct? You should have come to Joburg for the expo it was very interesting. I'll be here for a few weeks.
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