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  • There is one on here if you can go on this link
    DIY Rock for the Marine Aquarium
    Hi Paul. You wrote a thread on melting PVC and building an aquascape with it. I want to do the same but I can't find the thread and I don't know which forum you wrote it on. Could you give me link if you know where it is. Thanks for the entertainment and the knowledge!
    I dose Luguls Iodine occasionally when I remember but I doubt it is needed.
    Appreciate ur help will try ur methods and definitely will give u some feed back. Are there any other supplements that u dose? Do u use calcium hydroxide?
    I dose calcium a couple of times a week in the form of ice melter. I dose baking soda at the same time. I take 1 1/4 cup of calcium (as ice melter crystals) and mix that with a gallon of RO water. I add about 2 ounces of that every 2 or 3 days. I do the same with baking soda. I take 1 1/4 cup of it and put it in a gallon of RO water and dose it at the same time. After a few months, I add about a pint of Epsom Salts for magnesium.
    How often do you dose ca and how much a general guideline . Do you also dose mg and alk bicarb. I'm not getting coralline to spread what I have is surviving but that's it.
    I fed my moorish Idol sponge that I collect here in New York. When I dove with them that is all I saw them eat. I also fed him clams and pellets that I soaked in fish oil. They should be fed a few times a day. I built a feeder that fed the fish oil soaked pellets about 4 times a day then once or twice I gave him the sponge. They are not an easy fish and rarely live for more than a few years. If you want to feed prawns and squid try to gove them the guts as well as just the tentacles and the shrimp tails as that is the parts with the least amount of nutrition. I only dose home made calcium that I make from calcium cloride that we use here to melt ice in the winter.
    Good luck
    Hi iv been reading ur posts. Firstly appreciate da info always. I have tried ur method of feeding worms I tried earth worms and my wrasse go nuts for them. I would like some tips on keeping a Morish idol iv been feeding mine a marine mix of prawn crab muscles squid and a bit of garlic and he's eating out of my hand always hungry. Coming to ur post on not testing prams in ur tank what do u dose in ur tank how much. And in ur experience how do u know corals r happy. Would really appreciate ur in put. Regards ridwan
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