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    Oj's pride & joy

    Sunrise on the reef
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    Oj's pride & joy

    Pics taken without filters, will give it a week to get used to the change.. Its much bluer than what I am used to
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    Oj's pride & joy

    Trying a different tube combination on ati unit and changed the hydra 52 settings as well to something similar as AB + settings
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    TOTM April 2021

    Congrats Dazz well done!
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    Comp: FTS (Full Tank Shot) Competition

    2mtr x 800 x 800 total water vol including sumps and frag tank +/- 1700 ltrs. Tanks been running 4.5 years
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    How long do your CO2 cylinders last?

    Hi Brent I have a 5kg cylinder on my 1700 ltr system.. Been going for 8 months now but I'll replace it in next couple of days. I work away from home a lot and thats my biggest fear that cylinder runs empty while im away from tank for 7 to 10 days.
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    TOTM March 2021 n3mo

    Nice to see TOTM back. Well done on an stunning tank!!
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    Darren TL550

    Hi Dazz tanks looking awesome enjoy the new additions
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    UV Sterilizer ? To buy or not ?

    Also dont have 1 on my system and far from being an expert but what I've heard is that if you do get 1 the 55w one's are the way to go anything smaller is a waste of money
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    Oj's pride & joy

    Hi Mekaeel thanks tank is 4,5 years old but its only last 2 years I have been getting stuff right. Really enjoying the tank and such an progressive hobby from lps to easier to keep sps and now I'm slowly trying my hand at the more difficult to keep sps. I'm definitely a stick addict lol. Running...
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    Oj's pride & joy

    My favorite time of the day looking at the tank
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    Salt water healing .

    Looking good.. Good luck with the build :swim:
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    Help with id please

    Or hurlock acro? Its been in tank less than a month and definitely getting a maroonish red color to it..
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    Help with id please

    Hi guys need some help please.. Is this an Acropora Echinata..
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    Oj's pride & joy

    Thanks Baz
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