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    Nudibranch ID. Any help?

    Leopard Polyclad Hi guys, this may help you here , as well as with a prior thread with quite possibly same species being dealt with. This critter looks most like a Pericellis sp Which is one of the Polyclad flatworms A Leopard Polyclad specifically Almost ubiquitous in mildly...
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    Reefer(s) of the Month - Meet the Pfeifers

    Cool, a MATED PAIR of them nogal! ;) Nice meeting you guys at the expo Great teamwork there
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    Welcome Orca Labs

    killer! Whale of a time... Great choice, glad to see the move to masa sponsor. Welcome Orca Labs!
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    [SOLD] [FS]: ATI Sunpower Module: Cape Town

    At 2000? Thank you. I'll take it!
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    Happy BirthdayLen, GDR and Lockes

    Hey Happy BDay! Len ...see you around soon. Andrew ...where's my party invite???
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    Urgent help needed High kh...

    If you don't have a chance to reread what was condensed in that old thread.... DON'T use muriatic/pool/Hydrochloric acid if you don't have the safety margin of dilution afforded to you by a sump! Also note ALL the safety concerns. See the other tips FIRST! ESPECIALLY, Where I describe tried...
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    Urgent help needed High kh...

    Step back in time, and into someone else's experience.. Your decision to act in response to an unnnaturally high Alkalinity, can be helped ...see "KH Through the roof"
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    St Thomas Mushrooms

    Uh huh, yeah....I can ... hello GdJ! Happy New Year. Please mail me or call. I would like to catchup with you ..and ..ummm...I O U a ric.:P Which you need to split, so I can get a piece ..
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    Kanga's Tank

    hermannn!!! Mail me or call. Lemme help you..been thinking about your proposed tank almost 2y already! I'm still around...and anytime is as good as another. ......and a big Haazit to Tamz
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    RO water

    cleaner, clearer but NOT enough... :biggrin: That's largely correct! What you have are ONLY the 3 PREFILTER STAGES. These occur PRIOR to ANY decent Reverse Osmosis and/or De-Ioniser( RO, RO-DI) unit. Simple upgrade includes , but not limited to fittings/adaptors , tubing, membrane housing...
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    The ATI Bubble Master Clan.

    copycat marketing to blame... hey malooda good question! If it's an ATIaquaristik product code , THEN BM 150 is SUPPOSED to designate ATI BubbleMaster 150, which is previous generation, smallest sized unit Protein skimmer in their product line-up. No longer in production! Superceded by ATI...
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    Happy birthday viper357

    hehe and I decide to mail you on your BDAY. Now you can choose a present as long as it's not TOO expensive. Good Wishes and Fishes!
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    New sponsor - R & R Pets and Aquatics

    welcome ... and I hope you grow with, and through, this forum I most definitely will drop in soon.
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    Odd Pod

    WHAT'S the colour of MONEY!!?? :eek: It's green and it's in Dean's tank.Why am I not surprised? HNY everyone! YEAH sure. most of us have....experienced this! If you focus long enough on microfauna in your aquarium..MANY things can be revealed. In a tank with few or ZERO Piscine opportunistic...
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    Allien eye?

    Peanut gallery lol That, my friend is a "worm" A sipunculid marine worm to be exact. Common name is "PEANUT WORM" It prefers to be in amongst your substrate . Not harmful, more benefit than anything else They are detritivores.. Right now 'tis not in a happy place..:P It's far too exposed...
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