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  • Hi
    Will be back on the 11th and then will start posting. What are you looking to buy?
    Morning, yes I do, but please send me ur email address for me to send you the pics.forgot to say its rated for chilling a tank up to 1000L
    hi yes it is still available, its the EVO 3 evaporartive chiller from IDOL marine, I bought it about a year ago, used it for 2 months then took it off the tank, it wasnt working here in durbs apparently because of the humidity, I paid over 3000 for it, would like 1500, cheers
    ok bud i went to the post net and evereything included is about R100 so please deposit R350 in my account and i will send the package

    Capitec Bank cpc
    Branch 470010
    account 1278527743
    savings account
    Mr B Jansen
    I'm sorry, I did not see this message. I don't have very small frags now, but I do have a beautiful Montipora Digitata coral mounted on a rock. To view you can check the for sale thread.
    Hi MASA Members.

    I'm going on the 26th of this month up to Gauteng.

    Whish LPS would you say must I go and visit to buy hardware end medications?

    And also ones you know is near the Gautrain station stops.

    Help will be appreciated...
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