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    New hardware and fish at idol

    Any nice acans. In other words not the normal red ones?
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    cleaner wrasse or cleaner shrimps ?

    The cleaner shrimps do a better job than the cleaner wrasse in my opinion and experience and from what I have read it seems as if the wrasse may not actually control ick as the ick cysts are not a natural food source for it. However smaller fish may not pay a visit to a cleaner shrimp...
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    anemone problem

    Sorry, I meant to say did you change all the globes at once?
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    Mounting waterproof end caps

    Simply silicone mount clips to the hood, then simply clip the tube in place
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    Mounting waterproof end caps

    No problem. Good luck.
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    Mounting waterproof end caps

    Frans, the tube states that the temperature range for the silicone to still be effective is between -50 to +150 degrees celcius.
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    Mounting waterproof end caps

    I have had no problems whatsoever and my canopy gets so hot you can bearly touch it. I used the bostick marine silicone. So far it has been more than 18 months.
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    Fragging a leather

    I have fragged leathers in my display numerous times with no ill effect whatsoever. Just make sure you do not frag too many pieces from the main leather at the same time in the display. Make sure you run fresh activated carbon and as Frans said skim wet for a day or so.
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    Mounting waterproof end caps

    Silicone worked for me.
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    Diy Phosphate Filter/Reactor

    Looking good. Please note that the phosphate media must be tightly packed in your reactor and not be allowed to be "kept in suspension". The reason is that because most phosphate removers are very brittle it will grind up into a very fine powder. It will enter your main display which you want to...
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    Replenishing pod population

    Feed it Mysis and Krill. In due time it should take flake food as well as pellets.
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    SALE! Too many fish!

    What color acans? What Blastos do you have, merletti or welsi?
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    SALE! Too many fish!

    pics when they come in please
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    SALE! Too many fish!

    anyone there??
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    SALE! Too many fish!

    Any nice acans in stock? Also looking for colorful blastomussa marletti
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