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    Hi Who does clarisea roller mats? Or who can get it? Thanks
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    My P650...Hopefully my last...

    Hi, who does the clarisea roller mats? Where can I get one?
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    My P650...Hopefully my last...

    Hi saw u drilled the side for the chiller, wanted to do the same when my chiller arrived was just scared, now i see it`s done.
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    Pretoria Livestock shops

    Hi Not sure where to ask or look. Who are the shops that sell livestock in Pretoria? Thanks
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    Sunpole Dc pumps - As Sexy as it gets!

    Hi What about us here in Namibia,can i try and get a supplier to contact u? or are we screwed
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    [SOLD] Captive Bred Clowns - JHB South

    Hi Coming to Joburg end of the month. Can you maybe PM me pics of these A-grade Snowflake Clown - R450 Premium Snowflake Clown - R750 Platinum Clown - R900
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    Auto top off

    Hi So i tried to connect the Auto top straight to the tank, it turns on and off to much for me. So i bought a 150 l container, flat box. Which auto top off kit will be best, distance to sump 3 m, and container height 1 m. that is the extreme. Thanks
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    Ich help

    Thanks, i did have an issue with temp, just a sudden cold in Namibia. Have gotten it under control since, everything else is fine.
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    Ich help

    O no its not that drastic, i can`t even see it on my cardinals or my blenny. just a few spots 3-4 on tails of tangs. But want to get rid of it because my 2 new small clowns died, and new fish might when i stock up. So will do the fallow for 76-80 days. But just don`t want to lose tangs, when i...
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    Ich help

    thanks...what medication did u use? Also how long was the tanks set up before u transfer fish, will go the same root. Lesson learned
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    Ich help

    Hi So my main display has ich. My fault i know. Lessons learned I have a regal tang, purple tang, tomini tang. 2 pajama cardinals and algea blenny only. All tangs are about 10 cm. I need some advice, do i do the tank transfer method, setup a hospital tank, which is best. Because, i want to do...
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    Auto shut off valve

    Mine is more like about 100l of waste water for i hope 45l rodi... looking at the 2ns membrane option.
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    Auto shut off valve

    Wow, is the waste water really that much, think i figured it out, but waste water is alot.....
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    Rodi system

    second looks best