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    [wtd] Wanted - 350 Red Sea Reefer

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    [FS] Inferno Anemone R1950

    Hi guys, speak to @ScubaLover22 from Reef Critters, I know he uses a courier (overnight door to door) and all are happy with the service.
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    [FS] Tunze alga scraper for sale

    Cool. PM sent
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    [FS] Tunze alga scraper for sale

    @herman2016 I will take it if you will include Postnet to Postnet
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    [wtd] Black & White Ocellaris Clownfish, Check out Jungle Aquatics
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    Hennie's 1.8m Reef tank

    Looking good. will follow the updates
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    [wtd] Need a tank

    @Eduan i got a 70cm cube with sump, stand, Cabinet and hood for R2500
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    [FS] Supersize Tank Shutdown

    @Rob99 can you please post prices of available fish?
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    [FS] Tunze alga scraper for sale

    @herman2016 I know the strong + is for 20mm upwards. I've got 10mm. Will it work sufficiently? What thickness was your glass?
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    [FS] Supersize Tank Shutdown

    Price on Elegance and other Anemones?
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    [wtd] Reeftek TS1 skimmer pump

    I might have one without impellor. Just need to check if it is still in working condition.
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    [wtd] Auto top system

    Check under Hardware, @herman2016 got a Tunze for sale
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    [FS] Purple tang and foxface for sale

    @herman2016 Im oky with Brazer buying them. It was just the way it was dibs after i asked whether he was for sale. No hard feelings
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    [FS] Purple tang and foxface for sale

    @herman2016 @brazer This is not cool (the way the Navarchus was grabbed). I was clearly 1st to be interested.