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  • Let me know when you would like to collect.

    Im in Panorama, not far from you,

    Also do you want 2kgs or 4 kgs of each?
    Hi bud. You must come see my new tank. Its been running for 2 weeks now. I have gone for a 1.5M tank this time.
    Hi, this last few day's the BB lots of problems with it. I agree with you it is a shit cell phone.
    I don't understand what you mean by my shit BB lence and a artificial electric line. I took the foto at Umdloti what there was on that moment show in the foto. I go tomorrow take another pic if it please you.
    Visiting family so thought why not come up for the expo & say for a while, yes looking for job is part of it. Also to check out some of the shops up here
    Mwha ha ha -Infadal. couldn't come up , Dane and i will be there in a few weeks - gotto come up for the Seachem training coarse...

    Why you up there , jobs ?

    Chat soon
    Ja lemoen hoe gaan dit daar.
    Ek was toe by Dave (Perky pets) dink nie ek sal gou van lfs verander nie.
    Hi MistaOrange,

    Very quick mail - I have stock of Dwarf and erectus available. Unfortunately the Erectus are unsexed due to the age. Dwarfs are only eating live food (newly hatched brine shrimp) and Erectus are eating frozen. Let me know if you are interested in buying some.

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the Frags u gave me. :)

    Let me know if you have any Frogsprawn you want to part with.

    Hiya Michael - yeah thanks man! Every day I am feeling better. This week I am going to start moving around more - luckily my energy levels are now all nearly up to 100%... nearly. The special diet I am on, and with my stomach still swollen to the inside, the food that I can eat is a wee bit boring (I am only allowed to eat certain foods) - and I can only eat about a cup worth (+-250 ml) worth of food at any one time. Good luck mate!
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