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  • Hi Meneer , Sorry for lack of comms, have been quite unwell over the last 6weeks or so. Still battling with health, will let you know when I am better.
    Hi Meneer

    The ric for R80, do you still have it?
    can you send me a pic pls

    Sailfin tang. R450 8cm
    Yellow tang. R650 7cm
    Scopas tang. R450 9cm
    12 threadfin cardinals. R85each 1.5cm
    3 pajama cardinals. R75each 3cm
    XL chromis free lol. 5cm
    Flame angel. R950 7cm
    Occelaris clown fish. R150
    African clown fish. R150
    Skunk clown fish. R150
    Longnose hawkfish. R350 9cm
    3 neon damsels. R50each

    All super healthy ,eats flakes,nori all frozens an pellets
    running the lights at night will prevent a nightly pH swing. Got to do with the alge not photosynthesizing at night and producing carbon dioxide. Running them at an alternatng time to your tank lights limits the effects of this.

    Not a problem at all.
    Give it about 12hrs of light a day and if possible run it while your tank lights are off. It will grow under lights with a lower kelvin rating (so around 6000k). Which T5 tube are you using?
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