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    [FS] Frags Durban

    Hi. Would like to take the candy cane . When can I pick up
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    [FS] Frags Durban

    Hi. Do you have any candy cane available
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    [wtd] Black oscellaris or Pervs clown

    Black miscellaneous or Pervs clown fish
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    Black and white clowns

    Black and white Oscellaris or Percs wanted in the Durban area.or if any sponsors can ship.Thank u
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    [FS] Red bubble tip anemone for sale

    Hws it bud .Will you except R500 for red bubble tip.Can pick up tommorow
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    [SOLD] Durban - +/- 15kg RS PInk Aragonite - free

    Hi, 2una, I'm in South beach can I collect tomorrow
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    [FS] corals (Durban)

    They are more on the brown side
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    [FS] corals (Durban)

    Just that pic at the moment cause I've got it in the sump at moment and it's not opening up as it used to in my display tank
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    [FS] corals (Durban)

    When fully opened its about 20th round
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    [FS] corals (Durban)

    Update.just have the pin custion left
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    [FS] corals (Durban)

    Sorry bud it's sold
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    [wtd] bengai cardinals (DURBAN) looking for bengai cardinals in DURBAN
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    [FS] corals (Durban)

    Yes it is bud
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    [FS] Red Bubble Tip Anemone Chalice Corals Cape Town

    Hws it bud.any chance of shipping the BTa to durban