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  • Hi Sagar
    Never got a chance to meet you when i was in Mauritius, but i'm sure ill meet you next time I am there. Plz let me know if u post pics of your stuff and some cape town guys look interested ;). So far the fish I got are looking awesome!

    Hi Sagar

    Where in Mauritius are you.Want to come and c your Shop.

    Thanks Chris
    Hey Sagar...
    How are you my friend?
    Hope all is going well there in Mauritius?
    Fish are all very happy! I will try take some photo's soon to show you!
    I'm driving to a great reef to dive this weekend!!! gonna get some Gem tangs & Kingi's !!! haa haa!
    will let you know what I catch
    Hi Meneeka,
    Just to let you know I will be arriving in Mauritius on the 9th May and will be up at Grand Baie on the 10th-15th so will be great to meet up and see your set up then? are you going to be availabe on any of these days?
    Hi Mauritius-aquarist,
    I have some info I need to ask.
    I am coming to Mauritius in a few weeks, my family are possibly looking at relocating there!
    I would like to know:
    1-Are there a lot of people doing marines there?
    2- what are the diving rules for catching stuff for your own tank etc?
    3- are their good aquarium (pet shops) to buy stuff for marines?
    4- and can I get glass there to build a tank?

    Sorry for all the questions but it is a huge decission I need to make for myself and my fiance'.
    Thanks for your time!
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