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    JD167's new 1.5m Reef

    Looking good Jasper!!
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    You don't need to target feed and yes I would recommend using Brightwells or Kent product for feeding him.
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    Hi Kunhardt, Yes, that is a Alveopra. You will find that the Alveopra has twelve tentacles with large polyp extention and are usually branching. They don't want to much water flow and feeds on Phytoplankton, light and fish feces.
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    Keyaamz Reeftank

    Hi Keyaam, Your tank look great buddy!!:thumbup:
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    SunSun Power Head

    Hi Reefers, I am pleased to inform you that we just received our Sun Sun pumps today (only the 5000l/h pumps) and selling for a price of R120 each. Regards johannes
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    SunSun Power Head

    The pumps are R120 for the 5000lph. I apologise if one of our staff members gave you the wrong info. Cheers Johannes
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    Who's interested in starting our own community and proudly SA Reefkeeping Magazine?

    Hi Jacquesb, I think the magazine is a awesome idea. Please let us know how we can assist. How does Aqua Planet sound? ;) Cheers Johannes
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    How is THIS for a LFS!?!?!?

    Hi Jacque, Nope not yet but I spoke to Allan. Thanks
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    How is THIS for a LFS!?!?!?

    Hi Reefers, I would like to thank you all for all your complements. We will be finalizing our sponsorship by the end of this week. :thumbup:
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    Hi reefers I have some recent pics of NAAC. Please explain to me how to post them please.;)