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    [FS] Aquamedic lift pump for sale

    damn! Sorry to have missed this one. That pump is bullet proof
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    Hi, new member and to the hobby

    very cool Excellent that you are quarantining Lotsa new fish bugs going around wiping entire systems out. best to quarentine, and I agree with at least 6 weeks to be safe
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    High calcium from overdosing

    happened to me too just make sure the KH is normal and your corals will consume the extra calcium
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    Blue Hermit Molted and dissapered

    check also parameters. they need good calcium / KH/ iodine levels to molt.......
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    What size Skimmer?

    its strange how 15 yrs ago we would never have dreamt that we would battle with too low nutrients
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    What size Skimmer?

    difficult Q back in the old days: we always said bigger the better as we battled with high nutrient levels in the SPS systems Now with all the tech available for nutrient export, we battle with low nutrient levels. i would say go with a skimmer rated for 100-150% water volume.......
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    White spot in large tank - Help

    HI I just had a total tank wipeout last week from white spot and velvet....... first ever wipeout in 15 years of reefing.... some fish i have had for more than 8 yrs. Best advice get a fish trap... and quarentine and copper your fish that are affected. Some nasty bugs going around at the...
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    [FS] Starter SPS frag pack (Birch Acres, Kempton)

    Hi I am interested if someone from Cape Town can split shipping with me to Cape Town?
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    [FS] Long Nose Butterfly Fish CPT: R250

    Hi Starting to nip at mysis but mostly eats off my rocks About a week in the tank tho
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    [FS] Long Nose Butterfly Fish CPT: R250

    Long Nose Butterflyfish Have it for 1 week but nipping my clams LPS and SPS are safe in tank Cape Town Area
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    RSS Icecap Releases the first NEW KalkStirrer in Ages!

    Hi Is this a subscription link?
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    [wtd] Pulsing Xenia

    tagging on this one... also looking....Billy had a year ago.. but was not for sale at the time
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    [SOLD] Clown tang....Acanthurus lineatus DBN

    HI would you ship to cape town?
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    [FS] Red Sea Max Nano - CPT

    HI If you split... Could I please buy the yellow tang? thanks
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