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  • Hi Ray
    The tank is 1.5m X 1.2m X600 high, Sump is 1.4m x 600 wide closed, it won`t be fesable for me to sell seperately because you tend to sit with parts the don`t sell, but to give you an overview of what was spent, the skimmer was R12000, tank, sump, cabinet, about another R15000, the pumps are R12000, and the lights i paid R34000, that is besides all the rear fish and corals, and unique sand, backup unit, chiller, profilux computer, calcium reactor, the list goes on.

    My monthly expenditure is +- R2000 a month, thats for carbon, rowa phos, weekly water changes (Salt) calcium, alkalinity,and magnesium suppliments, food etc.

    Hope it helps.


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