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  • Hi, been waiting for you to come online for a while. I'm looking at breeding bangaiis. Easiest way to sex them? Or is it too hard to when they're juvenile? Nice to see you on masa!

    My clown fish have paired and I would like there babies to survive one day when they mate. I would just like to find out, where can I get rotifers and plankton? I will only being doing this as a hobby and any help would be much appreciated.

    Hi marcel.. I would like some information from you regartding permits for breeding locally.. Would really appreciate if u would get back to me.. Thanx kenny
    Howzit marcel

    is it possible to buy a bottle of phytoplankton from you every few weeks id like to feed my rank. what is your opinion on doing this
    Marcel I read that you wanted some xenia. I regularly chop mine so you are welcome to some mahala whenever ;-)
    Hi marcel. Didnt hear from you after last weeks summons I hope things are going well and are getting sorted out,in a positive way.
    Hi Marcel
    Can you assist with directing to where i can purchase nanochloropsus, micro algae grow(or similar) and rotifiers?
    I want to cultivate to feed my corals.

    kind regards
    Sulaiman (schyffs)
    hi ther marcel could you please give me your contact so i can give u a call, i understand your upset, but its not fair to point finger at me, you offerd and I enquired to support you, and now you blame me. Thats not right, i honestly dont even know the law and I honestly didnt do anything wrong.
    Hey there luckyfish if you could please help me on some info i would love to breed common clowns i need all the details on what i need food etc every thing and anything you can advise me on would be so much help thanks bud would mean so much ..i see you want to breed Banggai Cardinals and help them from being extinct if maby i should rather help you in your quest pm me please thanks;)
    Hi Marcel, just checking you still well, I have not seen or heard from you for a while on the forum.

    Hey there bud im serisoly thinking of keeping some clowns in my tank and try to breed them can you please tell me the pros and cons of this id really love to breed them please point me in the right direction thanks
    Hello mate soz that i did not get back to you...I lost my dam cellphone so did not receive you missed calls or messages...I will give you a call tomorrow then we can speak about the clowns...I will be leaving nextweek for 5days to Angola so if we can this before i leave...If you like i can bring the fish to you and maybe see what you have hiding thr...Lmao...

    So Speak to you tomorrow
    I am definitly not going to post a price here, for everyone visible. Pics of my set up are in the breeding forum under Random pics of my little success. And can you please use private messages?
    What are you looking for just two albinos clowns?
    I would think that every one will go cracy here in SA for it.

    Can you send some pics of you're set up?
    You making me noise and I jut want to see and now more.

    Martin, i dont where to get captive bred clowns here in SA.
    Thats why I started that project in the first place.
    Albinos are for export only, because there are no albinos released yet and nobody will pay the price here in SA, that I'm getting overseas.
    Hi Marcel,

    To which pet store do you sell to.
    I would like to get my hands on albino clowns.
    There is now way that I can twist you're arm for two albinos (LOL).

    Can you give me some advise on where I can get good tank bread clowns at a good prys?


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