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    Win a Red Sea Max Nano with Reef Box!

    Reef Box Subscription officially launched! :slayer::slayer: Reef box is a subscription box where each month you will receive an awesome Reef Box filled with top quality reef tank gear, fish food and other essential items that will help you maintain your reef tank and expose you to new items...
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    Reef Safe white spot and Velvet Medication.

    Medic is a highly effective treatment for external fish parasites present in both marine and freshwater environments. It contains an antibiotic component and a reef-safe oxidizing agent that work together to help eliminate parasites. It is particularly effective against: Marine Ich -...
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    High Phosphate in your tank?

    Are you experiencing problems with your phosphate in your marine tank? here is our recommended products that we have tried and tested and we stand behind them. Agent Green: AF Pro Bio S: Salifert Test Kits:
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    Where can I buy live Rotifers

    Contact 071 218 4401 she ships country wide.
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    Red Algae

    Chemiclean works great we have lots of customers that swear by it. Good luck :m106:
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    Crazy Coral landing for weekend!!!!

    It's going to be a big weekend for all the Coral lovers out there! We will be landing one of the most anticipated shipments since we opened and maybe even in SA. SPS lovers will be able to get their hands on some Amazing stuff rarely seen in SA stuff like Strawberry Short Cakes, Acropora...
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    Chevron Tangs and loads more available:)

    Please WhatsAPP Dev for pricing 071 233 4342
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    30th of Jan Live stock

    Acclimate the fish with anti-stress in the water.
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    30th of Jan Live stock

    Red-fin fairy wrasse (Male) Copperband butterflyfish Keyhole angelfish Eye-spot surgeonfish Blonde naso tang Orange spotted goby Spotted mandarinfish Scooter blenny Court jester goby Seram Blenny Pinkbar goby Ventral-barred shrimp goby Goldstripe maroon clownfish Bicolor angelfish...
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    2019 week 1 live stock is in :)
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    2019 week 1 live stock is in :)

    Name and Scientific Bicolor Angel Centropyge Bicolor Bicolor Blenny Ecsenius Bicolor Blackback Butterfly Chaetodon Melannotus Blue Leg Hermit Crab Calcinus Elegans Blue-Green Chromis Chromis Viridis Clown Sweetlips Plectorhynchus Chaetodonoides Copperband Butterfly Chelmon Rostratus Dragon...