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  • Hi
    IS there a meeting tomorrow, and if so where and what time.
    Need some help, I bought a tank 1.5m length 9th mm height and 450 width. Came with return pump, sump and TV lights. What else do I need and where can I purchase them from. With regards to water do you recommen salt water or water that you add salt too.
    Hi lIghty

    I noticed on the forums you usually the person that people approach when it comes to transporting.

    I was hoping you could help me out, the only problem its not to or from Durban but rather from Cape Town to Jo'burg.

    If you cannot help do you perhaps know someone who can. I would really appreciated it.

    no stress bro, i spoke to glynn a little while ago and he said hes give you a call to get you over...

    was just wondering if he had hence the mail :)
    Hi my moms on her way down to durban and she comes back Tuesday so we need to arrange somethin out with the skimmer!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY lIghty!!! Have a wonderfull reefing year, and may you get all those stock on your wishlist this year!!!
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