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  • Hi are you from PE
    Im wanting to know if you would like to trade fish or corals.
    you can add me on bbm 21a31b47 or on whatsapp 0790984453 and my name is sachin and I would be looking forward to your reply
    LOL...I thought laugh out loud...(lol) know some...but not all on MASA...what is "dibs" and that one Feed "totm"..? so many for MAZA version of stuff...lost
    where can I find the MASA "lingo" on this Site...Just to many LOL and IMAO and IMHO etc...I'm a Generation behind...!
    How do I move photo's from one album to another without having to upload them again into the new album and delete off the old album...? can get the Xenia, I'm so glad it's the Clove/Glove Polyp that I like...Xenia is medium care, so I'll have to pass until the addiction takes over and I want a bigger Tank....!!!!
    Never mind....I found out it's not Xenia...good so I can maybe still get it....LOVE the STUNNING GREEN of the Clove....

    Is this the same as my Super Green Clover...Pulsing Xenia...? I hope it's not the same as it's MEDIUM CARE and I guess I need EASY CARE...
    Done a bit of Image surfing...the more I look, the more I think you'r right...starting to look like a camera I just need to find a pink one....!!!!haha
    I don't know...those pictures looked like it was more of a tube, whereas the picture I gave you had more of a "twist" in it....I don't know, maybe I'm just to new at this to realize a good camera angle... I didn't...somehow it didn't look the same, was going to search further because maybe they look like that when there is more than one but ended up doing something else haha
    Got this...

    The pics are on the thread....

    two clowns
    a pincushion
    loads of zoa's as you saw
    a torch coral
    a big rock with zoa's and mushrooms
    and branching alverapora (not gonia's as i thought...)
    Hi...need a bit of help....someone named this "Foxtrot" on MASA...I've been Googling and can't get any images on that what other name does it also go by...?
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