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  • Ay sham man - strange though - the goldies aqre looking awsome here ...
    The wrasse can be a bastard though.
    Aweh, Zain maybe do it. getting the sump from perkies though, zain gona do the labour..
    depends on tank depth and inmates

    Odyssea quad got 2 power cords out each. So you got 4. I run 2 blue and 2 white per unit. Have blues on one timer and white on the other.
    Hi , when are you coming through , i must go buy wood in the morning , or if you are here @12:45 i can use the wood we are buying from you ?

    You cant be sleeping already ???
    Nice meeting you today. hows your regal? Mine are doing lekker. yellow tang showed some interest but then i put him straight. they eating off the rocks and glass, hopefully they'll eat lekker tomorrow.

    Hi,, I cant respond to your PM for some reason ! I will be at my place ttill 12. No 8 Geelhout str Brackenfell. Just off Brackenfell Blvd
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