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    ScubaLover's - 5 Sided 4500L

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    [SOLD] Cube to swop for softies - Port Elizabeth

    very nice tank only problem im in east london and have alot of softies
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    [SOLD] Jebao wp10 pump and controller PTA east

    just check if there is nothing between the magnet and casing jebao pumps dont have a lot of play between it and anything will make it stop
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    REEF AQUATICS - Auction Zone !!!!

    i would like a hanna tester alk and ca please.if you have some just lying around:tt2:
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    Diy media sock

    carbon is to remove toxins and to polish the water. next time you do a water change look at your water in a white bucket if t its yellow you need carbon. @Dexter
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    [FS] Complete setup

    split and sell separately you will make more then 5k just little more work.just trying to help
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    Seneye is here

    hey can you still get the seneye and is there a new version of it yet?
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    read the complete thread hps its been covered.
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    Id please

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    [SOLD] PMB - Orca biocubes

    so is it all gone
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    [SOLD] PMB - Orca biocubes

    are you willing to post to east london dibs on 3 @R1000 + posting if possible
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    10w led

    you can buy the rite led chip (15000 or 20000 or royal blue) from improvedlivingpe and change the chip inside those led light. quick and easy
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    [FS] System close down

    well here we give them away for free because they are locally caught fish. i dont know where you got this one
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    [FS] System close down

    R1000 for a convict must be 1st of april
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    [FS] Submersible pump for collecting sea water or fish ponds.

    heni can i offer you R800 for pump and pipe