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  • Farewell mate. Maybe someday I'll get to meet you. I'll pray for you.
    RIP my friend. Your generosity, kindness and friendship lives on as a memory in everyone who knew you.

    Jammer ek was so stil die laaste tyd maar dinge was wild...te veel werk en te min tyd.
    anyway ek het my blou zoa klip "gefrag" die naweek, en ek het n frag met jou naam op as jy belangstel.


    hello i got some things i wanted ask about my fish they got whit spots the whit spots come and go can i lower the salnity in a reef tank and how much can i lower curently it's 1.24 i don't wont to move my fish and stress them
    Hey there bud - getting too much grey hair - will definately go past there tomorrow - old age catching up with my memory cells....
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