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  • Slm bru, I'm sieraaj aka Jsplayn ..... U serious bout what happened, shame man, I figured it was sumtin like that els they wouldv revealed immediately what happened.... Did they say exactly what happened an why he was depressed, sorry if I'm prying but one jus wonders continuously untill u knw exactly what happened, it puts ur mind @ ease
    Ahoy bra...I read the message you sent me....Sorry for only replying now....Yes i used nsw and my tank has been cycling for a month now....Everything is spot on...I checked the tds it is at 4 so not to bad....But i get back to you cause i need a skimmer....My old skimmer i got from you 2years back is pumping like an animal just like you told me it would....I am putting in 1 clown ova the weekend cause i hate just looking at water and live rocks....Let me also know if you can get some bio rock and how much...Thanks bra...Salute
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