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    Can a frogspawn sting a clam?

    My Xenia is lying on top of one of my clam's mantles and I have not seen any reaction for at least 8 months since they became neighbours.
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    algae scrubber above heater help needed

    The bubbles wont do a thing and as long as your scrubber grows algae all should be fine. Post some pics of your scrubber and give us some specs to ensure the advice you get is the best.
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    Aquaria AMW 102 advice and comments

    I am thinking about getting a new as close as possible plug and play nano tank and the AMW 102 looks pretty neat to me. Please make suggestions on what choice you would make in that size range of complete systems available in SA and what mods goes with these tanks? The reason for my...
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    lifes a beach

    :lol::lol::lol::lol: This is a lekker hobby:1:.
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    lifes a beach

    About a year ago I collected 6 x 25l containers at Mission Rocks. Those familiar with the area will testify it is quite a formidable task to do this at this beach. Short haul but the first 15m of rocks is a killer. Well 2 guys were sleeping on the rocks at the timeand when I loaded the last...
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    Fresh water crayfish illegal?

    Do you have a link to this Junkmail ad?
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    "Patching Tanks"

    Hi Dean I have tons and tons of sympathy for you. I had similar reoccurring sump cracks on more than one sump recently and know the feeling one gets when you start emptying a 4 ft sump at 11 in the night, repair it, keep the live rock going in buckets and all other containers.just to fill it and...
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    Making Garlic

    I also don't understand. Can I make normal crushed garlic finer with a food processor and then feed it to the fish like that?
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    Ways to remove Aiptasia?

    I have built a 'Zapper' @ the time when it was discussed regularly on the forum. By the time the Zapper was ready to be tested all aiptasia had disappeared somehow and it never had a chance to prove itself. About a month ago-here I see a lone aiptasia on one of the rocks and I pulled the zapper...
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    Torch Coral Stung Me

    I don't think it think it could do any real harm Shaun.
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    Where to get LED's

    What size tank can a light like this be used for? How many of them would be needed for a 700x700x500 reef tank with mostly softies and clams? aquarium LED spotlight
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    How does this timer work?

    If you get tired of sukkeling with it you can send it my way;). The way I understand it is you can set on and off times with different duration's. The son in law uses them on ice machines.
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    How does this timer work?

    Spek to Justin. Lighty. He is a master and will be able to help for sure.
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    My new ATS

    Thanks Belinda and Dumbo-yes the growth I( get was not really expected. My previous scrubbers never grew algae close to this. It gets water from a 4800l Lifetech pump that sends about 300l of this flow to the chiller. The outer areas of the screen grows almost no algae and a bit of turf. I now...
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    acro lighting

    I think BLV mh globes are super cool, I use a 150w 20000k one and I'm very happy with my lighting.